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Managing Your foods for your goals EBOOK
This is your BIBLE!
In this E-book I hope to help you understand just how to eat for your goals, by managing your carbs, proteins and fats and timing and portioning them correctly. Mainly, there are two different types of eating. They are the Weight Loss / Drastic fat reduction and the Lean mass gain / Fat burn and tone.You can think either one or two at the same time. And I am trying to educate you on just how to manipulate the body and make it work for you. What I am focused on this ebook is to send out on your way with the motivation to follow your goals under the working nutrition and fitness strategies. 
Nutrition that will change the game
This diet guide includes my revolutionary methods that have successfully produced results for my 25,000 + clients! As diet being the fuel for your body for maximizing your results you must focus on your diet, as eating the wrong foods can be detrimental to your bodybuilding goals. So, if you are really serious in your fitness goals and want to reach the next level, this guide will become your best perfect partner. This will take you through all the popular nutrition strategies used by fitness models and athletes all around the World.
Moreover, I have been into bodybuilding and fitness since I was 14 and since then, have learned what works and what produces the desired results through years of trial and error. That’s why, I am confident to say that this diet will help you achieve the results you want, than any other diet guides.
Train biceps and triceps together
Armzilla Program will make your ambition to be the proud owner of bigger biceps and stronger triceps is about to become a reality. The main thing that I would like to utilize in my armzilla workout is to build up your biceps and triceps together using supersets. As every bodybuilder knows, getting pumped is a crucial part of the muscle-building process, these supersets help you to produce incredible arm pumps. And, for the pure strength of your muscles, this armzilla workout is the right way to go. It is my assurance that it will bring amazing results to you as it has brought incredible results to many of my clients.
butt blaster program
Turn your way to exact fitness
Butt Blaster Program focuses on bringing the most quick and effective workout program to strengthen, tone, and shape your thighs and butt. It will help you to build up your muscles and give you a fit body that always seems perfect in shape. This butt blaster becomes beneficial for you to develop all of the posterior chain, especially the glutes and hamstrings. Further, this Butt Blaster workouts will be perfect for you to burn tons of calories and fat from your body. Basically, Butt Blaster program is the perfect way to take your fitness to the next level, no matter where you’re at right now.
Master the art of self-motivation
As we all are leading a busy life. We may come up with a number of things each day, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is not surprising that they can have a negative impact on us to reduce our happiness and also we often feel the strain. However, it is how you look at things. Everything in your life can change for the better if you want it to change. This guide outlines the five easy steps to take to make you a happier person. They are steps that all of us can take; all it requires is a little mental effort and a willingness to try something different. Read it with an open mind and try a new approach. If this is too much for you to do, then you will never change and if you are unhappy, you will not change this state of mind unless you do something about it. This is your life - get in control of it.
Take your plan to the gym!
If you are trying to get into better shape of your dream body, obviously my mobile workouts are the best option for you to get into the way of your fitness goals. This will help you to keep track of your progress to find out how far you have moved into your training efforts. This will also give you hundreds of ideas by taking your current levels of fitness into account and the intensity of workouts which you are planning. This mobile workout option will help you stop spending big money on those fitness books, CDs, etc. In addition, it will act as your counselor to give you valuable advice and tips whenever and wherever you need it.

And for those of you who are really serious and want to go to the next level, we even have a 180 day one on one plan. DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT ASKING FOR DETAILS!

You may not realize this, but the majority of your goals are going to be accomplished by applying yourself in the kitchen, rather than the gym. The reality of it is this – you can’t out-exercise poor eating habits.

Without the right meal preparation in place for your daily life, you are never going to see the long-lasting results you want.

Join Me, Damen,  here at Damen G Fit, And Level up today, Start Looking the Way you WANT!
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